Add Calories to Add Muscle

If you want to gain muscle there is no magic formula or supplement or powder, it's simple: train hard and eat a lot! To enhance muscle size, athletes need to push themselves with a challenging strength-training program, and eat an extra 500-1000 calories a day on top of what they are currently eating to maintain their weight.Keep in mind that the body needs food to grow from; extra food will make extra muscle, as long as a consistent strength-training stimulus is present.

If you continue eating the same amount of calories, your weight will remain the same. The body needs 2000-3000 extra calories from all nutrients, to build a pound of muscle. Total energy with calories from all three macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) are necessary.

Contrary to what many athletes believe, the extra calories needed for lean muscle mass do not have to come from protein exclusively. The body will use dietary protein to build muscle, but if athletes donít eat enough total calories the bodyís protein stores are used for energy and muscle gain is limited. Carbohydrates are essential to fuel intense work-outs (to stimulate muscle growth), and both fat and carbohydrates provide energy for the body to "grow" more muscle. Protein is also needed, but not in excessive amounts, as the dietary supplement industry has lead us to believe.

Keep your same calorie ratios: Carbohydrates 55-65%, Protein 12-15%, Fat 20-25%, but eat more TOTAL calories. Next month learn how to calculate your protein and carbohydrate needs based on your weight and your performance goals. Interested in more?

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