Dieting For a Competition

Strange as it may seem, when it comes to weight management techniques, I personally do not count the amount of calories that I consume on a daily basis. Instead I focus on my daily fat intake and protein to carb consumption level.

What I Do Not Eat and Drink...

I tend to stay clear of most yogurts, with the exception of Plain, because they contains a lot of unwanted sugar.

Any products that contain high levels of sodium and / or refined flour and sugar are a big no-no as well.

Soda is avoided with a passion as are most juices with the exception of, President's Choice Orange Juice (Not From Concentrate).

Meals and foods containing high levels of carbs are avoided, i.e. Pasta, Cereal, Breads, Crackers, Cookies, Potato Chips, etc.

All ready made meals including soups are not something that I eat.


What I Do Eat and Drink while I stay active...

I eat five to six small meals a day. Food is your fuel and providing your body with constant fuel actually increases your metabolism. The starving technique (eating less than three meals a day) will ultimately decrease your level of energy, health, metabolism system and weight management control on a long term.

I stick to natural sugars, simple and complex carbohydrates and a high intake of protein with respect to my body weight.

Simple carbs:

I love eating fruit however when I am training for a competition and it is time to minimize my Carbohydrate consumption the first thing I do is reduce my fruit intake.

Complex carbs:

Excellent sources of complex carbs include: brown rice, buck wheat, oats, and millet.

I select carefully which processed foods to eat such as oatmeal and whole wheat products, the more grains the better.

Oils: When I cook I use Pam cooking spray, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Udo's Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend®.


My favorites are Apples, Kiwis, Oranges and Strawberries.

I tend to mix them with my ProWhey protein shake, to add extra flavor to this already protein rich drink.

Vegetables: I eat green vegetables every day. Salads and greens beans.

Dairy Products:

Cheese, low in fat and not often.

I cut dairy products at least three months before a competition.

2% Milk is my drink of choice. I like Milk that has added vitamins, i.e. Vitamin D.


I make sure that I have all the vitamins that my system requires on a daily basis.

Meat and Protein:

I am not a vegetarian however when I eat meat, I eat it lean. My favorites include: skinned chicken breast, peppered steaks, and fresh fish.

Tuna... I eat lots of tuna! When I buy my ten cans for the week, I make sure that they are soaked in water, not in oil. Eggs whites are also a big favorite of mine!

I always eat food low in sugar and sodium. High consumption of salt in your diet has a negative impact on weight control. This is because the salt retains the water in your system resulting in a bloated appearance.

Drinking: I drink one to two liters of spring water daily.

Whenever I consume liquor it tends to be hard alcohol or wine with moderation. I cut them completely from my diet 4 to 6 months before a competition!

I have one to two cups of coffee per day. It is something that I really enjoy to drink when on break.

WNSO-Est Canada-
Fitness Model Category- June 7th, 2003

My Tricks:

What works well for me is one spoon of peanut butter per day before training.

A hand full of Almonds on a daily basis and lots of mini-carotts for snacking!

I have what we call -Cheating Days- I love to eat so I do eat some of the food that I usually don't once per week.

Before My Work-Out:

If I train in the afternoon or by end of day I eat a meal that includes complex carbs like brown rice and protein, chicken breast.

After My Workout:

It is important to have a balanced meal of some carbs, natural sugars, from fruits, and protein. A nice protein shake helps the muscles build and heal.  

If I train in the morning I have some oatmeal and a piece of fruit. I try to avoid the coffee before my training.
If you finished training and you are not going home to eat, at least take with you a protein bar or a meal replacement bar that contains low carbs and high protein, like lean body.

Please note that what works for me might not work for you. I hope that all these tricks and diet style and techniques will inspire you and help you achieve your goal!

Stay healthy...

Rana Sioufi Rodeck, BA. Communications and Advertising, Université de Montréal.

Certified from YMCA Montreal since 1997 as a Group Fitness Instructor and FIS CanFitPro.

Rana joined Muscle Mania Eastern Canada and competed in the Fitness Model Disvision June 2003, organized by World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO).

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