Re-fueling for Athletes in Training

Re-fueling for multiple training sessions or competitions in the same day, takes a little more diligence than athletes who have a full 16-24-hrs to replenish their fuel stores. Efficiency of re-fueling (recovery) your muscles is improved when about 50 g of carbohydrate are consumed immediately (minutes) after an intense or long training session, and at 1-hr intervals thereafter.

Muscles absorb carbohydrates at a much quicker rate immediately after exercise, compared to waiting 1-hr or more, and certain foods can also accomplish this more effectively than others.

"Quick" absorbing carbohydrate foods include raisins, fruit leather, high carb energy bars, bagels, rice cakes, power gels, & carb load drinks. Have a serving of one of these foods/drinks immediately after your workout, and again every hour for 3-6 hrs, to replenish your muscle's fuel stores. Taking advantage of this "right time" with these "right foods" will ensure that you are energized and ready, for a game or workout later that same day. During intense daily training or competition, recovery is also likely to be improved when DAILY carbohydrate intake is increased to 8-10 g per kg body weight each day. ie: Up to 700+ grams/day for 180lb athlete. These high intakes will maximize your training by preventing your fuel stores and energy levels from becoming depleted, which can readily occur with the daily demands of high intensity training.

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